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At the core of any legal issue is the need to get that legal issue resolved, taken care of, done and completed.  If you are seeking an assessment, or needing to enroll in treatment, because of a court-ordered requirement stemming from a judicial case, the most important thing to do, to begin any sanity-restoring venture, is to navigate successfully through the system, to step free and clear, and move forward in life.

Therefore, at Sunrise Centers, we start, first and foremost, by NOT being part of the problem in the challenges you already are facing.  Then, we step in and work with you to very quickly start becoming part of solutions that really work.  That means a fair and accurate and reasonable assessment in terms of what is recommended – if treatment is even warranted.  If a recommendation is given, you will know exactly why, and, if you elect to do treatment with us, you will be provided with clear expectations so you know what your requirements are, each month, to stay in compliance, to successfully complete your program – and it means counting on our help, every step along the way.

Along the way of resolving a legal issue, it can come up that we see areas of our lives where we want to make some changes, seek some improvements, or expand our set of life management tools.  Getting better at coping with stress, relationships, money and time management, parenting, family dynamics, finding answers to combat depression, loss, apathy, anxiety, even fear and issues of esteem – all such progress means moving away from a possible reliance on what drugs or alcohol might provide for us.  "Recovery" is an outcome of an improved overall model of living.

At Sunrise Centers, you will find counselors who care, who are dedicated to providing a curriculum that you can use in your daily life, for daily living -- with principles that you can practice.  What's the point of a catchy slogan if we can't use it to make a difference when it matters most?  Consider, you might see us just one hour out of your week, but it's our goal to give you tools to use for mastering the other 167 hours of the rest of that week, before we see you again -- that's our mission.

In some instances, and even sometimes as a surprise to ourselves, life-altering circumstances give us a chance to take stock of our life story.  In other words, a trip through treatment may not have been planned, and may not have even been wanted, but, in a positive place, hearing positive things, supported by positive people, it can be incredible what can occur, and many are the stories that have left an impression forever on us of those who began their journey at Sunrise Centers just taking care of a legal case, which grew to looking at a few issues to repair, which blossomed into breaking life-restricting chains that sometimes reached as far back as very early childhood.

As one client said, in one class, at 43 years of age, the last time she remembered being truly happy was at the age of four.  Today, she has found that happiness again, and what began as a DUI that was the last thing she wanted to even face or deal with, turned into the opportunity she created to change every aspect of her life – home situation, relationship, career, and the choice to seek and apply new tools and skills to very successfully end a nearly 30-year reliance on alcohol.

Legal, limited, life – no matter what the need, we're here for you.