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Treatment is not free -- we often wish we could afford to provide it, without cost, because we have seen how financial hardships only increase the risks of drug or alcohol misuse, or abuse.  But, even though we can't open our doors for free, we CAN and DO maintain fair, reasonable rates that are very accessible when compared to many other agencies.

Sunrise Centers offers in-house financing (with no interest or financing charges), no hidden or "surprise" costs for care, and a variety of payment plan options, including extended payments, low down payments, discounts for full program pay-offs, and, most importantly, flexibility each and every month of your program.  

We're real and we know what reality brings -- we understand life happens, and so, if you need to work with us on a payment, just let us know, and we'll be happy to work with you to adjust or accommodate.  We will even work with you in dealing with your reporting authority, to help avoid non-compliance, and avoid any sanctions or court violations due to a temporary financial setback.

The "value" of your treatment (or even just your assessment, if that's all you need), is found in engaging a service that helps move your life forward.  In our approach, of Legal, Limited, Life, we recognize that sometimes there is simply a legal issue to resolve and, even in cases where a client might want to address more areas of life, getting the legal case taken care of is still the foundation. 

If you are self-referred, meaning you have considered changes you want to make in your own life, for your own reasons, our approach would move straight to addressing whatever that Limited range of issues might be that are holding back your progress.  Or, it could be that you want to take a look at mapping out a whole new Life strategy, and change everything in your personal, social, career and home life.  But, in most instances, clients are court-referred, and so we work hard to make sure our clients know what they need to do to maintain court compliance and successfully navigate the system to have their case resolved.

You want your dollars well-spent, to help you achieve your goals, whether just getting a fair assessment, completing a treatment program, or addressing issues that you feel you want solved for your own life goals.  Sunrise Centers is there for you, to help you achieve what you want!